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“I wouldn’t be caught dead in that”

Have you ever gone shopping with your family members, and each time they held an outfit up for your approval your reaction was “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that”? We all have had that experience.

The list of sayings that are part of life goes on and on: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and similar thoughts often come to mind when we sit with families to make funeral arrangements.  Differences of opinions…about what’s appropriate and what isn’t, about what is ‘traditional’ and what isn’t, about what Mom or Dad would want and what they wouldn’t…are as varied as the colors is a rainbow.  Unfortunately, they are also often a barrier in the pathway of healing that too many families endure.

Pre-arranging your funeral eliminates many of the concerns that your family might have if you were to pass without clear instructions.  Do you prefer burial or cremation? Do you want services at church or at our funeral home? Should they be simple or elaborate? Would you prefer no services at all?

Spending a few minutes with us before our services are needed will answer those questions, and memorialize them in our records, giving your family guidance when the time comes.  We will ensure that every detail is noted…including making sure you “won’t be caught dead” in a dress your daughter-in-law selected.