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“Dad wanted to be cremated”

“Dad wanted to be cremated”

In fact, he was so specific about it, his family got tired of hearing him say so. Though he always said a viewing and funeral was up to them, there was never a question that there wouldn’t be one. When his death occurred, they thought all the necessary decisions had been made, and for the most part, they were… except for one pretty important one. He never talked about that part, and having chosen not to meet with a professional funeral director in advance, they left an important aspect of a cremation funeral unaddressed:

“What are we going to do with Dad’s ashes?”

While cremation is a choice in disposition, just like earth burial or entombment in a mausoleum, it isn’t the final choice a family needs to make when choosing cremation. What to do with the cremated remains after the cremation takes place is an important part in planning the funeral; fortunately, we are here to help guide you in your options and choices.

For most families, placement of the cremated remains in a grave or mausoleum makes the most sense. This option offers tradition…a place to visit where the deceased can be appropriately remembered, flowers can be left or quiet reflection can be shared. There are many affordable options locally, and our staff would be happy to assist you in exploring them.

For other families, having their loved one at home with them in an urn of their selection provides comfort and healing. We offer a wide selection of urns and urn jewelry, from simple to elaborate, in a price range certain to meet your needs and expectations.

Whether we have had the honor of assisting your family or you had your services elsewhere, we can assist you in finally answering the question “What are we going to do with Dad’s ashes?”